Friday, February 11, 2011


Today is the day……Yes the day I have been looking forward to all week.   Going to the post office and sanitize the inside of my PO Box.  It's all dusty and dirty and I don't want to go there and have 'dirty' mail when I grab it.   Please, we must proactive on sanitization!  ha ha ha  :)

Oh the uniqueness of people….went to Starbucks and as the lady was waiting for the computer to process my order; she scratched her arm with my Starbucks card.  I almost hyperventilated.  It was all I could do to ask her to please not do that.  I took the card back cautiously and wrapped it in a napkin until I could get to my desk for a full and complete Purell experience. 

Oh how I love my city….the weirdness, the uniqueness….it's the best.  I live in the best city!

I wish I could wear one of those hidden cameras on my head as I chase trains and run around trying to figure out where to go and what to take.  It's been rather comical to me.  Sometimes I just stand there and laugh at myself wondering what I must have just looked like.   Getting off of one train and running past people as they get out of my way to jump on the next, only to find out I was running after the wrong train.  All those people I ran by ended up standing next to me waiting for the same train.    It's happened more than once…. ha ha ha 
My stuff finally arrived last Thursday.  Not bad, only two things were missing, but they will replace them if they can't find them soon.  Now to temporarily unpack until I find the location I want to actually live in.  If you feel led to, pray for open doors and the right direction I am to take for living arrangements.  I have ideas and thoughts......however I am looking forward to getting 'settled'.

I am just finishing out my second week on the job as a Management Analyst.  I do enjoy what I am doing and the team I am on.  We are just beginning an audit process of one of the programs within the DOT (Dept of Transportation).  It's been rather interesting so far.   Most likely I will be traveling some to a few states as part of the audit. 

I do the Mister Rogers thing every morning.   I wear sneakers with my work clothes to and from the office….then once I get there I change my shoes.  Maybe Monday I will toss them in the air like MR used to and sing "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood".  Ha ha ha    It's interesting because tons of people do it considering the amount of walking you do, plus you don't ruin your shoes!  So I don't look like an out of place dork.   With all the salt and stuff they treat the roads and sidewalks with, shoe protection is in effect.

Next Wednesday I am spending the day on Capitol Hill.  The Inspector General will be giving testimony before a Congressional Committee in the morning.  After lunch we will roam around the Capitol building checking things out.   This should be a fun day.  Oh which suit do I wear........

Well that should do it for now….I feel like I am getting used to my surroundings and have some type of grasp of the concept of living in the DC area.    It's so cool.  Everyone needs to experience this place!

Thank you for your prayers, love, and support.  I am SO grateful.  You're wonderful!!

The best is yet to come!


  1. Scratching their arm with your Starbucks card? Not cool! Not cool at all!!! So glad you were prepared with the proper hygienic solution.

  2. I love your train stories! so funny. I wish I could see that; I would have died laughing... its a stressful thing going from train to train. with thousands of people. ha ha Im glad you're enjoying your Job and D.C., and ill be praying for the best housing available! :)

  3. Loving the updates and the great stories! Excited to hear about your day at Capitol Hill! Praying for you and that the perfect housing will be opened for you.

  4. As I've been having a complete Monk marathon on Netflix the first half of this post really cracked me up! Loving the updates too.

  5. Love the Starbuck story! I think I would of said something or maybe just the look on my face would of said it all!!! Love that you are in your happy place! Let me know when you are ready to do the "make over" we talked about:)

  6. Excellent Starbucks story!! I'm so happy for you! Take care! - Molly Hartman

  7. hey you are doing awsome on the blog I can see you doing the mr rogers thing and singing well you change your shoes and the trains i can see that too really made me laugh praying for the housing and im really glad your friend had this ideal about the blog she is really smart :)

  8. I can just picture you almost having a meltdown at starbucks! lol