Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The first day.....the first week

With my right hand raised, standing in front of the American flag, I took an oath and officially became a federal government employee Monday morning!  Joined my team of all women at the Office of the Inspector General, Department of Transportation and started learning my way around the building.  My biggest accomplishment Monday morning…. learned where to find my desk and where the bathroom was!   Next, going to join the coffee club Wednesday morning.  Priorities!

After being away from my stuff for almost 3 weeks, it looks like it will arrive around Thursday.  Oh how it will be nice to wear a different color sweatshirt or even a different one for that matter.  Thank you Jesus!  Now if I can just remember what box everything is in.   Angie and Aimee did you label my boxes?  Ha ha ha   

Over the weekend I attended The City Church DC, not as a visitor, but for the first time as a resident of the area.   Wow, that was a long time coming.  I even made it without getting lost thanks to Barbara my gps.    I was welcomed with warmth and open arms.  Pastor Heather even announced my arrival from the pulpit and I stood as they welcomed me and I gave the “thanks folks” wave like that guy did in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, at the barn raising.   Ha ha ha   Literally, I was thinking of that guy as I was standing and waving.  Love the excitement, momentum, and atmosphere of my new church!  This is going to be fun.

Looking forward to what's ahead. 

Go Packers!!!

That seems to be it for now………

Miss you all.

The best is yet to come!


  1. Awe, That brought tears to my eyes as you talked about your new church; Until you entered the "thanks folks" comment haha then I giggled! That is awesome. Watch out City Church, Aunt Patti is a resident!!

  2. Week 1...SUCCESS!. Many more to come. Thanks for sharing Patti, I am going to love reading all your entries. It makes me feel closer to you! And someday when I visit, you will have to show me that wave, because when I go to church with you, even though they won't announce my arrival, you know I will still stand up and let everyone know I am there! :)

  3. I laughed out loud at "thanks folks" I can hear you say it even now. Soooo happy for you AP

  4. I know that "thanks folks" comment.

    Learned it at a tender young age at your house in Molalla.
    Now what will I learn from your house in D.C.

  5. O.k. so I'm a little slow in reading your blog, but the thanks folks comment made me pause and comment. It's one of the best lines in the movie!