Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Honk if.....

I decided to take a little different approach for this posting.  It’s random, so go with it.  J

For this blog I have developed a 3 ‘HONK’ rating system. 

HONK =  agree
HONK HONK = really agree
HONK HONK HONK = absolutely 100% agree

Mullets….yes I said mullets.  A few weeks ago, I was traveling with my team from work to Baltimore, Maryland.  The hotel we were in had free breakfast every morning along with free cocktails every night for happy hour.  Being the drinker that I am I downed glass after glass of ginger ale!  Oh it was SO good.  It was here that we saw the mullet men.  They were everywhere so we determined they were having a mullet convention.  In fact, one mullet man even asked a member of our team if he could buy her a drink.  Lol   Yes he offered to buy her a free drink.  LOL  Oh we still laugh about that one.  The funny thing is, we have to go back to Baltimore at the end of this month and are already wondering if mullet convention part 2 will be in session.   Stay tuned…..

**For all those mullet men out there….you’re rating is:  HONK

John Bevere....John Bevere was here, John Bevere was here!  Another church in The District recently invited us to a private Saturday morning/afternoon leadership session with John Bevere.  With about 200 of us in attendance, he spoke on honor and leadership.  He shared one thing in particular that really caught my attention.  He talked about faithfulness and asked us what it meant.  So we begin shouting out answers of what we thought it was.  However, John brought perspective of faithfulness I have never really thought of before but makes sense.  Yes all the definitions we gave reflected faithfulness but he said this “Faithfulness is also multiplication!”  Yes multiplication….multiplying leaders.  We are being faithful to the gift God has given us by expanding it beyond our own means.  If you are serving in an area you should be training others in the same department.  If you are gone one week the whole department doesn’t shut down or not function at full capacity, but rather you can be gone and not have to think worry about it.  It simply is a matter of multiplying (expanding) what God has placed in you to others to reach more people for the Kingdom!   So what are we doing to expand our gift?  Are we developing assistants or others to help and build the church?  In my opinion, great perspective.

**Let’s hear it for John Bevere…HONK HONK HONK

4th of July….Do you know how long I have waited to be in Washington, DC for the 4th of July!  And it didn’t let me down.   There I was headed out the door to catch the metro to see the Washington Nationals take on the Chicago Cubs.  Rumor on the street was they were expecting an estimated 600,000 people to use the metro  on this day.  But who cares let’s just get to the game.   Well  I arrived at the Pentagon to jump on the metro and after changing trains, I realized they weren’t kidding…people were everywhere!!  The train approaches the platform and throngs of people flocked to the doors.  They open, some people exited and then it was a free for all.  We all flooded in like a flock, I am on the end and I thought to myself, I sure hope my butt makes it inside the door otherwise I might have a new way of having lippo suction.  Sssqqquueezzzeedddd in and everyone standing in very close proxity of each other.   Ok, here comes the door (and they are not like elevators that open back up when you stick an object in front of the door)….suck it in and lean forward into an rather unique position with all the mass of people…and……the door…….closed!  Whew!  I tried not to breathe for two metro stops before getting off at Nationals Park, but I had to inhale and smell some interesting things I am not really sure I wanted to smell.  lol

After watching the Washington Nationals beat the Chicago Cubs in 10 innings, I made the journey back to my apartment to prepare to watch the DC fireworks from the confines of my own home.  After only being influenced by Molalla fireworks I have just one thing to say…. Wow oh wow!!!  Now that’s a grand finale!  I think next year I might join the throngs of people and head to the mall to take in all the excitement.  For now, this year was the year to kind of scope it all out for next year.

**Here’s to a good 4th of July.  HONK HONK