Saturday, May 28, 2011

Apartment pictures have FINALLY arrived!

Thank you for your patience as I finally have posted pictures of my studio apartment.  It's a fun little place to start out with.  It's nothing fancy but it works.  It's very easy in this city to spend most of your paycheck on rent and I determined I would rather have a middle of the road type apartment in a safe environment with flexibilities to do stuff than restrict myself financially by paying super high rent for luxury living, as they call it here.  One day that luxury living will come, but for now, I have chosen a place that isn't top of the line but isn't a rat's just right!

The amenities are nice, as it has a workout facility downstairs, a pool (which opens today), a private fenced in park area, tennis courts, 7-11 on site, 24 hour security patrol, and so forth.  It really is a good location.  My commute to work is now only 30 minutes instead of 2 hours, one way.  And I don't even have to drive, the bus picks me up from my apartment building and takes me right to the Pentagon where I get on the Metro which takes me right to the front steps of my office building.  (one block from Nationals Park...oh yes, I love this place!)

As far as other happenings....everything is good. I am finally feeling settled and I am happy!  I love this city and I love my church!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend. I am headed to the Nationals baseball game on Monday and then into DC for some festivities after.

One last thing.....Congratulations to Thomas and Nicole on moving into their new house yesterday!!!!  Can't wait to see it.

Try to stay dry if you live in Oregon....getting my sunscreen out here in DC.    :)

See you all soon.....

The best is yet to come!



I've come to really like this box shelf idea.  The bottom left corner is empty because the vase I had bought to put in there broke as I was bringing it home.  So for now it stays empty to until I decide what to put in there.  Also I still need to get some candles and add a picture to the frame.  Little stuff to do but that will come later.

The notorious couch!

Here it's not stuffed in the back of my car or being hauled up 11 flights of's in my living room!  On the back right corner you will see a blue ruffled pillow.  My mom made that for Granny and after she passed away a few months ago I was able to have it and will now always be a part of my home, no matter where that may be.  And of course, I can lay on the couch and shoot hoops!  LOL

Partial view

Well here is part of the view I keep raging about.  If you look to the left you will see a tall looking pencil thing, that's the Washington Monument and to the right you will see a little white dome thing, that's the U.S. Capitol and some of DC in between.   At night, it's so pretty as all the monuments are lit up in DC.  Truly spectacular especially if you are downtown.  If you ever come to DC, a night tour is a must!

Hopefully one day soon I will be able to post some more pictures of the view...remember I am camera  My digital camera actually died and it's not high on my priority list to replace it.  So the camera on my phone will have to do.

Entry way with a touch of Laurie Satrum.

Now what would an apartment be without the touch of Laurie Satrum and Uppercase Living!   Walk into my apartment and this is what you will see almost first.  The mirror is actually reflecting the bookcase which is near by.   With my past history of hanging shelving up on the wall, not sure I would actually hang a coat on one of the hooks.  LOL   But for now, it can simply be up on the wall and just look nice.

Granny with her fritters....

This one has nothing to do with my apartment but I am posting it because I want to.  ha ha ha  Granny was a classic and the BEST Granny anyone could ever ask for.  Here she is outside of Safeway with her notorious box of fritters!  I still miss her multiple phone calls everyday telling me what she ate and what she did.  Miss you Granny!!!


Pretty's my desk.  Now if it can only stay this clean.  :)

Blue bathroom.....seriously?

Yes it's a blue bathroom....not quite sure of the decorating skills of the person who put this all together but hey it works.  I have hot showers, a toilet, mirror and sink.  All the necessities one needs.  It's a classic I must say.  Originally I thought I was going to have an all green bathroom...I must of gotten lucky.  My blue bathroom makes me giggle but it gives it the apartment character as they say.


This is the bookshelf that sits right in between the entry way and the kitchen.  To the right of the bookshelf you can see my door and the entry way.  To the left is the kitchen.  I didn't take a picture of the kitchen, it's your basic kitchen, oven, fridge, sink, microwave, etc.  :)


This one isn't hard to figure out, it's my dresser.  On top of the small armoire in the middle of the dresser you can see a crystal apple.  My mom loved apples and it's the gift I brought back for her when I was in New York the first time.

To the right, which you can't see in the picture is my bed and then the window where I can open my eyes and see the Washington Monument and U.S. Capitol.  It's miles away and the monument is small from my view, but it never gets old to look at.

The decorated wall....with a great feature.

Due to my special decorating abilities....I had these cute black shelves I tried to put up but after putting one upside down and the other fell off the wall when I put something on it, I opted to do the simple thing and buy what I could only hang up with a simple nail.  LOL   So here it is, most items strategically placed to hide the holes in the wall I made from the shelves....  :)  And of course one of the best additions and the "great feature" to my apartment, the Little Tikes basketball hoop that is, yes adjustable.