Friday, April 29, 2011

Yes it's true....I am in love!!!

You may or may not have heard the rumors.  It was pretty much love at first site.  I still lay in bed at night and almost can’t believe it.  It just gets better and better each day.   I never imagined a feeling like this could be this real.   It’s definitely been worth the wait.  Yes it’s true, I am in love………….with the view from my apartment!  :)   ha ha ha    Ohhhh, it’s beautiful.  I have a cityscape view overlooking the area with DC right in the mix.  Even though I am only able to see the Washington Monument and Capitol, I can lay in bed with my coffee and take in the beautiful view.   I absolutely love it.

On Thursday, April 14, Cheri and Mike arrived to help me move into my new place.  It was great to see them.   I am SO thankful for their help.  Then Friday morning came, moving day.  After picking up the U-Haul truck, getting everything loaded, with a Laurie Satrum cookie in hand, and the perfect moving weather day, we were off to Alexandria, Virginia.  It’s funny because the Lord reminded me how for years before I moved here how I always said I wanted to live in Alexandria and now here I am.  God is SO good!

Overall, the move went well except for lugging my sofa up 11 flights of stairs and literally shoving it through the door.  Oh what a memory.  By the evening time things were starting to look like an actual apartment instead of a room of boxes.    Wow, moving is a lot of work!!
The next day we were off to Arlington National Cemetery and the Nationals baseball game, but with the excessive rain, we made it through the cemetery but the game was cancelled.  However, with beautiful weather in store for the next day they exchanged everyone’s tickets for a double header on Sunday afternoon.  After going to church and the doubleheader, we went into DC at night to see all the monuments and such lit up.  DC is SO beautiful at night!!!  We were amazed at how many people were wondering around at that time…they were like ants! 
Monday was filled with more DC touristy stuff and then they had to leave Tuesday morning as I also departed back for work.

Speaking of work, I was excited this week as I was able to be involved in helping to write my first Congressional testimony the Inspector General (IG) will make before Congress next Wednesday.  Even though it was only a small portion, it was an interesting process.   Hopefully, I will get to do more in the future.

Ever since Cheri and Mike left, I’ve been getting more settled and I even recently stepped out of my comfort zone by attempting to do some simple decorating.  God help me!!  Remember no high expectations when pictures finally come.  :)  I learned really how talented I was when it came to decorating.  I bought these really cool shelves to put on the wall.  However, after hanging the first one upside down and the second one fell off the wall when I put something on it, I decided that wasn’t the route for me.  So back they went and I bought items that were much easier to hang.   Good thing Target is only a mile away.

Driving to church from a new location was yet another adventure.  I happen to miss a “slight right” according to Barbara, my navigation system.  GAP:  the roads and road signs here are absolutely weird and crazy.  Signs aren’t pointed in the right direction and a road can named one thing on your right and another on your left.  Oh so frustrating at times.  Back to my drive to church.  Missing the slight right wasn’t too bad of a mishap, as I went past the VP’s house at the Naval Observatory, the National Cathedral, and Embassy Row.  Then on the way home, not too bad, missed another "slight right" and went by the Iwo Jima memorial.  Gotta love it.  Although Tuesday night I made to church just fine and on time for City Group.   Progress.

Today I conquered the DMV, yes I did it with only ONE visit.  (pays to do your homework) The DMV here is interesting as you stand in line to tell someone at the service desk why you are there and they in turn give you a number.  Then the dreaded waiting begins.  However, their numbering system was interesting.  It wasn’t your normal 1,2,3, etc.  It was B760, A79, T389, etc.  I felt like I was playing bingo.  When I my number was called, I almost jumped up and said “bingo”, but the security guards might have hauled me away.  Ha ha ha

As I end I feel the need to share a newly discovered skill I have.  Since I only moved in 2 weeks ago there are still things that I am unpacking and moving around.  I needed to get my passport out of my security box, however I couldn’t find the keys.  Knowing I wouldn’t be able to register my car without it to prove my legal residency, I went on Youtube to see if there was a way to pick the lock for the type of box I have.  Sure enough there was.  I was able to pick the lock of my security box with a fingernail file!  Ha ha ha.  It worked, I got my passport, and my car is now registered with the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Until the next time…..lots of love to everyone!!!

The best is yet to come!