Thursday, January 27, 2011

New office building

It's just the beginning....

Hello from your snow covered Nation’s Capitol….

I arrived a little before 7:00pm on Tuesday evening and my car arrived a few hours later at 9:45pm.  With a few hours of sleep, I was off to DC Wednesday morning to take care of some logistical stuff.  

With no winter clothes in hand I bundled up with what I had and headed out.   Thank God my coat was waterproof and Starbucks was right next to train station.  After getting warmed up, loaded with caffeine, I jumped on the Metro for a 2 stop, 4 minute ride to my new office building to check out the area.  

While sitting in the bank, I looked out the window and felt peace in my heart as I saw some beautiful scenery.  I know many thoughts are going through your minds as to what monument captured my attention so intensely.  No, it wasn't  the Capitol building, the White House, or even a Smithsonian, it was the Washington Nationals new baseball park.  It’s only 2 blocks from my new office.  Have I mentioned my office building has a Starbucks right next to the front door???   

That evening it was fun to watch it snow sideways, as it accumulated an inch every hour.   Wow, it was building up fast and we got around 6 inches.  I literally shoveled it off my car this morning.   It’s great because VDOT really knows how to take care of the roads.  The roads look like it never snowed.  So, driving was never a problem.  

Today, I obeyed my sister.  When telling her my stuff wasn’t coming until February 2 or 3, the first thing she said to me was,  go buy some sweaters!  Ha ha ha   Apparently she was tired of the 2 I was wearing after my stuff shipped before I left.   So I hit the mall, oh joy and how I love shopping.  (insert sarcasm)  Went to Macy’s, got some killer deals, 4 sweaters for $45, then picked up some cute shoes at another store.  Mission accomplished!

THANK YOU to everyone who has shown support, love, and interest as I venture on this new and amazing journey to be a part in reaching DC for the Kingdom!  It's been encouraging and means a lot.   I start the new job on Monday.

And yes, more pictures will be posted soon…. I am challenged in this area.  :)

Talk to you again soon.....

The best is yet to come!