Sunday, March 27, 2011

The country in you NEVER leaves.

Well here it is spring and almost April (Opening Day starts this week!) and I woke up to snow!  Just 10 days ago I was in shorts in 83 degree weather.   Crazy!

I have discovered a new love in Cragislist!  Wow, that site is wonderful.  Just yesterday I bought a George Foreman grill with removable plates barely used, a microwave barely used, tv stand (6 months old) 2 new curtain rods, a toaster used once, and a dish rack all for $45.  I was exhausted by the time I was finished making my 3 rounds of stops yesterday.  LOL

Yet some sadness has overtaken me as I went into Costco the other day and realized they don’t sell sausage dogs and a drink for a $1.50.  Nope, only hot dogs.  However you can get Italian sausage dogs with peppers, onions, and others stuff for $2.75.  Not sure about this…. :) 

Last Saturday I was blessed with a touch from home.  I met up with Lori McKinley and Holly and Jesse Losli as they were in DC for the week.  Loved spending time with them wondering around the District in beautiful weather, drinking good coffee.   They discovered this place in Georgetown called DC Cupcakes that apparently has a show on TLC on Friday nights.  Below you will see a picture of people lined up outside that goes at least a block long.  Rumor has it the wait was about 2 hours just to get in.  Is it really worth waiting that long for a cupcake??? 

In less than 3 weeks, I will be moving into my studio apartment.  Yes, I will post pictures, with all my decorating and picture taking skills.  J  Mike and Cheri are flying out to help me move and we will spend a few days wondering around and of course going to a Washington Nationals game!  Go Nats!  Looking forward to a great time…. I am sure there will be stories.

In my pursuit of finding a couch for my new place, again Craigslist has come to my rescue.  Below you will see a picture of how the country just never leaves you, no matter where you go.  The guy I bought it from helped me load it into my car, I put an old sheet over the couch so no road dirt and debris would get on it, and we bungi corded the back down.    So off I went driving through town (not DC) with a couch hanging out the back of my car.  I knew if I got tired I could always pull over and take a quick nap.  Ha ha ha.    Sometimes I just laugh at myself….but bottom line….Mission Accomplished!!!!

Overall I am adjusting well.  My job is good.  I work with nice people.  I am now a member of The City Church.  Yet it is still weird that I am actually here.  Just the other day I started giggling as I walked down the street thinking…I live in DC!   Ha ha ha   What a great big God we serve!!

Stay tuned for pictures from “The Move” and of course plenty of stories.  Off to Capitol Hill again this week to hear Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood testify before a House subcommittee.

I am blessed in the country and blessed in the city!  (thank you Pastor Wendell)

The best is yet to come!!!



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  2. Glad you are having a good time over there.... don't mind my first comment, it was just me talking about your follower thing.... just showed up weird for me. Need to finish my coffee.

  3. Yeah!!! Things just seem to be falling into place for you; great job, nice apartment, good finds. You go girl!!!

  4. The couch hanging out of the back of your car reminded me of our Vegas trip. We were so excited to ride in a limo from the airport to our hotel until we realized the driver had the trunk propped open with a bunch of luggage hanging out. Funny! Glad things are going well.

  5. Was your love for the Yankees so shallow that one little move to D.C. and you're now a Nationals fan? Patti, Patti, Patti, you know what I expect from you (that you become a Mariners fan!)

  6. Isaac loves craigslist also!! :) there are a lot of great finds!! Couch looks nice (from what i can see of it! hehe) It will look good by your little tike bball hoop :)

    Miss ya!

  7. Smiling as I watch your dreams take shape.

    Blessings on you MORE AND MORE to come!

  8. Hey Scott no worries. I have no idea how this whole things works, Nicole and Maggie know. They set it up. I just log in and post. ha ha ha

    Lisa - Oh yes I remember that, it made me laugh. I remember how embarassed we were pulling up to our hotel. LOL Good times!

    Oh Tricia, my love for the Yankees has done nothing but increased. Just supporting the local team. Now if the Nats were playing the Yankees....well then I would've said GO YANKEES!!! ha ha Oh and I had my car shipped over here. If it wasn't the middle of winter I would've done a road trip and drove it over.

    Thanks Noelles....Craigslist sometimes just takes time. I knew I liked Isaac... lol

    Thanks Cara....yes more and more is to come! It's exciting!

    Thank you for your comments you all!

  9. Dear Patti, I love your blog! I decided to get on this morning and check for a new message from you and here you are! I love being able to catch up with you. I am so happy your brother and sister are coming to visit and help you move! You are right the country never leaves you, we still miss Stomps acres! And, we miss you too!
    Love, Lori

  10. I have to say, my favorite part is that you went from attending "The Country Church" to "The City Church." Sounds like you could write at tale akin to Town Mouse/Country Mouse.... :)

  11. I love this post Patti, I just had a life changing craigslist experience. Actually I am currently grounded from shopping on there, so I am living vicariously through you! Go CRAIGSLIST! Go Patti. can't wait to see your new digs. And more importantly I can't wait to wait in line with YOU at DC Cupcakes (one of Kennedy's favorite shows). Love and miss you!

  12. OOooo another Craig's list fan1 Gary and I are sold on it! Sounds like you are in your zone...good to hear, and sweet to get to see a snapshot of your life(no jab at your lack of camera skills) in your blogs.